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Kangerlussuaq is located at the head of the fjord with the same well-chosen name meaning 'the long fjord'. The fjord is actually 160 km in length. Kangerlussuaq is a former US airbase, Bluie West 8 built in 1941, but after technological progress eliminated its military significance, it was turned over to Greenland's Home Rule in the 1990s. Today, the airport is the gateway to most of Greenland as well as the workplace for its slightly less than 600 inhabitants. The animal life is abundant and just a few kilometers from the airport, you may encounter some of the more than 5,000 musk oxen that inhabit the region. Twenty-seven musk oxen were introduced to the area from Ittoqqortoormiit in North East Greenland, and under the favorable living conditions they have multiplied beyond expectation. From the mountain tops, you have the view of the mighty ice cap just 25 km to the east. As something unique for Greenland, a road actually leads all the way to the ice cap. So according to temperament and physical condition, you can hike, cycle or ride in or drive an off-roader up to the impressive edge of the ice. It is important to keep the ice at a safe distance however, because large and small chunks are constantly breaking off.

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