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Kauai is the lushest of the Hawaiian islands, thanks to its heavy rainfall. Poipu is on the south and leeward side of Kauai and hence is sunnier and dryer than most parts of Kauai, and for that reason very popular with visitors. The north site can be pleasant in the summer but most visitors report that it rained every day. One distinguishing characteristic of Kauai is the absence of high rises. Kauai has banned buildings above four stories (the height of a coconut tree). In comparison other Hawaiian islands feature many multi story high-rise structures. As a result, the focus on Kauai is on unspoiled tropical beauty, breathtaking scenery, open spaces, and quieter vacation facilities. You can find noise and night life if you look for it -- but you dont have to face it if youre just looking for relaxation and tranquility.

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