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Kavala, which is the main city of Eastern Macedonia and is an important tobacco-growing area and port in the north of Greece. It is very close to the frontiers of both Turkey and Bulgaria and each of these countries has ruled over the city during the 20th century. Kavala has a long and complex history, and includes buildings of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman origin. It is very close to the Roman city of Philippi, where Octavian and Mark Anthony finally defeated Brutus and Cassius and to whose citizens St. Paul wrote one of his epistles. Modern Kavala is served by a busy international airport, which is used by tour companies to provide access to the nearby island of Thassos. As in Roman times, it lies on the main road from Europe to Asia Minor and it was a stopping point on the «hippy trail» to India and Nepal in the sixties and seventies. The photograph shows the beautiful harbour of Kavala crowned by a byzantine fort.

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