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Kirkenes is the center for the Sor-Varanger municipality. Kirkenes municipality forms the border between east and west. It is a cultural, biological, zoological and botanical border and these circumstances make Kirkenes and its surroundings an exotic and exciting area. In the municipality you will also find the western extreme of The Siberian Taiga. The surroundings of Kirkenes offer a lot of possibilities for leisure time activities. The 4000 lakes, 300 rivers etc., open up plenty of fishing opportunities and the municipality’s 4000 square kilometres open up for interesting outdoor activities. Kirkenes, on northern frontier, is strategically located in the Barents region. Its long industrial traditions, infrastructure and our well-developed communications make Kirkenes a place for trade and cultural exchanges between the northern regions of Europe. Historically Kirkenes has been the natural gateway for people wanting to develop this northern region, since the man first settled this area some 10.000 years ago.

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