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The nature in this area has an abundance of mountain plateaus, valleys, and rich vegetation. After a 20 minute walk from Kjollefjord, one comes to the northernmost forest of the world. It is comprised of birchtrees. In this area there is a sheltered valley, Oksevjoalen, with rivers and lakes. There is also a lighted ski-trail which is much used in the winter. In the same area lies Kjollefjord Red Cross' camp. In the surrounding areas there is good bird- and rabbit hunting . The climate can be described in this way: Most of the precipitation comes in the fall (autumn) and throughout the winter. April and May are the driest months. Kjollefjord is a dividing point between east and west Finnmark. The place has a good and deep harbour and is close to the fishing grounds. These fishing grounds have, through all the times, given the necessary resources to the people.

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