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The island immediately north of Ko Lipe, Ko Adang has brooding, densely forested hills, white-sand beaches and healthy coral reefs. Snorkelling tours generally stop on a cordoned-off slice of Adang that's about 100m long with decent snorkelling. Inland are a few short jungle trails and tumbling waterfalls, including the ramble up to Pirate’s Falls, which is rumoured to have been a freshwater source for pirates (and is more of a cascading river than a waterfall). There are great views from Chado Cliff above the main beach, where green turtles lay their eggs between September and December.

Ko Rawi, a long, rocky, jungled ellipse 11km west of Ko Adang, has first-rate beaches and large coral reefs offshore. Camping at Ao Lik is allowed, with permission from the national park authorities. Excellent snorkelling spots include the northern side of Ko Yang and tiny Ko Hin Ngam, which has underwater fields of giant clams, vibrant anemones and striped pebble beaches. Legend has it that the stones are cursed and anyone who takes one away will experience bad luck until the stone is returned to its source. There is a small restaurant here, but bring your lunch from Lipe, where it’s cheaper and (much) tastier. Even a short stop on the island will cost you the park’s entrance fee (adult/child 200/100B).

Park accommodation on Ko Adang is located near the ranger station at Laem Son. There are new and attractive bungalows, scruffier longhouses with attached bathrooms, and facilities for camping. A small restaurant provides good Thai meals.

Long-tails from Ko Lipe will take you to Ko Adang and Ko Rawi for 50B to 100B per person, although you might have to do a bit of bargaining.

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