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Just a few minutes away from the island of Bandos lies Kuda Bandos, an uninhabited island surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean. Cloaked in a veil of lush greenery, this little island in the Maldives offers seclusion in the heart of paradise for those in search of it. Experience Maldives Island Tours which are Ideal for newlywed couples looking for privacy, Kuda Bandos is a dreamy retreat where you can spend hours with your loved one enjoying the amazing sunsets, the crisp sea breeze and the white sandy beaches.

The nature enthusiast would no doubt want to explore the green covered areas of the island quite thoroughly. Sweep through every nook and corner of this mini jungle and come across amazing birds and colourful reptiles. Examine the various species of flora that can be found within the island and keep count of how many you come across just to paint a picture of the natural diversity. Head out to the beckoning ocean and let the warm touch of the tropical water pull you towards the colourful world of corals that lies beneath.

Guests who would enjoy a bit of flare at the end of an absorbing day filled with activity should make plans for a BBQ meal on the beach with a stunning view of the distant horizon and the healing touch of the gentle breeze to keep you company.

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