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Blanquilla is 60 miles north Juan Griego, 70 miles northwest of Porlamar Isla Margarita. Los Hermanos is eight miles southeast of La Blanquilla. La Blanquilla is a 72-square-mile limestone island shaped like an arrowhead and named for bright white sand beaches a truly delightful island well of the beaten track of charter boats. It is low lying about 50 feet high. There are some spectacular beaches, clear water and wonderful snorkeling. Blanquilla is also the home of Venezuelan wall diving, sitting as it does on the edge of a deep open trench. The wall starts just 65 feet from shore, and plummets straight down more than 3,000 feet. At some spots, including Piedra del Ahogado (The Drowned Rock), coral pinnacles scratch the water's surface. The walls are also rich with black corals, which are increasingly hard to find throughout the world. There is a few fishermen living here in the fishing season and joining them fishing early in the morning is some of the best trills I have ever had. Preparing the dinner later makes it a day to remember. Los Hermanos are five rock spires rising up from the depths to form a convenient anchorage for fishing boats. The crews often clean their catch here, discarding the slop overboard where it is manna from heaven for a dense collection of fat and happy fish - from moray eels to barracuda and triggerfish.

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