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It is located in the South East of San Cristobal, to 22.4 km from Port Baquerizo Moreno. Access is by road, the bus ride lasts approximately 40 minutes.

It is located in the vicinity of Cerro Colorado, from which it derives its name, which is one of the few places where you can see Calandrinia galapagosa, a plant endemic to San Cristobal in danger of extinction.

This Galapaguera has been built to improve the status of the population of the island tortoises, Geochelone chatamensis, in an environment with conditions similar to their natural state and thus promote the development of tourism in San Cristobal.

The infrastructure has been integrated into a large corral of 1415m2 and includes: a visitors' center (including an interpretation center, conference room, gift shop, food bar, bathrooms and administration office), a breeding center (includes an herpetology lab and growing pens), interpretive trails and two houses.

In San Cristóbal there were two populations of tortoises, one located in the Northeast, currently consisting of approximately 1,400 individuals and where the first specimens transferred to Cerro Colorado. The other was south of the island (in an area adjacent to the Cerro Colorado Galapaguera); it became extinct due to extraction by whalers in past centuries.

The natural population of tortoises from San Cristóbal (north of the island) is seriously threatened by introduced animals (mainly wild goats, rats and cats), which to date has been impossible to eradicate despite the continuing efforts in this direction.

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