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The San Rafael lagoon is located in the National Park of the same name in the South of Chile. One is to us in a amazing congealed spectacle, with ice of 30000 years and more than 70 meters of height. Esculptures glaciers undress before our stupefied eyes. It is the refrigerator of the world; a great water reserve for the humanity. It is located in the communes of Puerto Aysén, Tortel, Cochrane and Chile Chico, to a distance of 120 marine miles to the Southeastern of Puerto Chacabuco.. It makes an impression to see fall with noise immense ice pieces from that incommensurable mass. The greatness of the nature is pronounced in this place in the middle of a indescriptible sensation of rejoicing, silente harmony and frozen atmosphere. A way does not exist that directly takes to the San Rafael Glacier, because the topography of the Andes Mountain range is a great obstacle to that height of the continent and because the General Carrera lake, the mountainous chains and the own glacier, cut in two the continental territory of Chile. This lagoon has circular form and near 100 kilometers square of surface. It is located in an isolated and completely solitary region, where next slumses do not exist. For this same reason, it remains like a magnificent natural spectacle, a gorgeous landscape that is worth the trouble to know.

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