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Cruises to Langkawi Island

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Langkawi Island, or as the local language says Pulau Langkawi, is blessed with many natural features: stunning waterfalls, tropical jungles and pristine white sandy beaches to name just a few. The island has some nature highlights, which include the summits of Gunong Raya and Gunong Machinchang, the Field of Echoes, the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden and several waterfalls, the Seven Wells Waterfall being the most famous. Lang-Kawi Island lies at the northern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, about 30 kilometres from the nearest mainland town. The island is steeped in legend and mystery and most of the attractions are the physical reminders of these legends, like Mahsuri’s Tomb in the centre of the island and the Field of Burnt Rice. Another unique place on Langkawi is the Cave of Legends, located on the Cape of the Casuarinas, where verses of the Koran are inscribed on the walls. Other points of interest include the Langkawi Crocodile Farm, Air Hangat Village, which provides an insight into traditional Malay culture and Kampung Tanamas, a local handicraft village. The main town on Langkawi is Kuah, where visitors will find the most important facilities, like money changers, shopping centres, car hire, the post office and the tourist information.

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