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This is the smallest commune, but the most populated, with one's head full of superb images of the coast, the waves crashing onto the Iles Baguenères, the flight of the choughs over the rocks at Vazen, the thousands of nest in the reserve at Koh-Kastell, the mysterious channels in the cave at Talus or the field of asphodels at Port Fouquet, seems like a big city. A fortified town, Le Palais has the only town wall from the Empire periode still to be seen in France.Its double row of remparts, pierced with monumental gateways, makes the most romantic of walks.The streets all run down to the three harbours in the port, busy all year round with cargo, postal deliveries, yachts and fishermen off to catch crab lobster, the basis of Belle-Ile cuisine... Even in the depths of winter, Le Palais remains a lively and acive town. This is the source of its authentique atmosphere, not reliant on the fleeting attractions of tourism, but hard-working and animated all year round. Befors returning to the Ā«VindilisĀ», take another stroll round the harbour, unlike any other, sheltered from the westerly winds by the bulk of the Citadelle Vauban.

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