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Lerwick, the lively capital of Shetland, centres around its important and busy harbour, particularly during the summer months, when yachts, cruise liners, private yachts and motor cruisers arrive from ports all around the North Atlantic. Lerwick has a population of around 7,500, approximately one third of Shetland's total population. The shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels and guesthouses bustle all year with locals, visiting businessmen, tourists and seafarers. A mix of old and new, the town offers visitors a range of things to do and see. Places of interest include Clickimin Broch - an outstanding example of Bronze Age and Iron Age architecture; Fort Charlotte - built in 1665 and having good views from the gunports; the Bod of Gremista - an 18th century fishing booth; and the picture-postcard Lodberries - old merchants' houses with their own piers. The Museum has a fascinating collection of artefacts illustrating Shetland's history. Elsewhere special exhibitions depict Shetland tradition and crafts - knitting, spinning, lace-making, fiddle music and Up Helly Aa.

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