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Lifou has one of the most diverse landscapes in the Pacific Islands and is the largest coral atoll in the Loyalty archipelago. Under the water you'll find coral reefs teeming with brightly coloured marine life. Jinek Bay, located just a short stroll from where the ship docks, is one of the highest quality reefs in the Pacific. Above water there's limestone caves, white beaches and lush forests.

You'll stand awestruck in front of all of its breathtakingly beautiful views: the northern coast of the island is made up of high, steep cliffs, whilst the southern side has pristine white sand beaches with stunning turquoise waters. Time here seems to pass more slowly than on some of the other Pacific Islands. It’s as if it is measured by tides, sunrises and sunsets rather than by clocks. Lifou has the wonderful charm of an island that has managed to preserve its own traditional Kanak culture. Kanak society is based on a tight, clan structure and a close affinity with the land, which they have inhabited for thousands of years.

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