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Lisbon is a lovely, very livable city. It is one town that has been able to preserve all the charm of its old city and the traditions and history that go along with it. It is also a modern city in terms of its infrastructure and public services.As far as history is concerned, 3000 years ago, the Phoenicians were attracted to the site for its exceptional strategic location.The city was then successively invaded by the Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, and the Moors, etcThere is so much to discover in Lisbon! The charm of its tramways, the magnificent praça do Comercio, formerly considered the entrance to the city, Sao Jorge Castle perched on a hill, in the Rossio district, one of the greener parts of town.Not far from there you can admire the Santa Justa Elevator, and once you're at the top, you'll get a great view of Lisbon. And then there's the Chiado Museum, the enchanting Botanical Garden, the praça do Restauradores, the site of the 1998 world's fair and its incredible Oceanarium, the biggest in Europe.. ... the mythic Tower of Belem, and last but not least, a visit to the Frigate Fernando II e Gloria, the last sail-powered ship in the Portuguese fleet to have traveled the route to India.

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