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Named for its population of reptiles, the lizards on this island are the big (up to ten feet long), carnivorous types - not the Ā«lounge lizardĀ» types you may have met in your travels. Lizard Island is located on the northernmost isle of the Great Barrier Reef, surrounded by unspoiled, tropical-island beauty. You'll encounter the clams and the cod when you go on your scuba dives. The clams are 70-year-old giants, and the cod are notably curious (with a curious name - Potato Cod) and they're friendly; they'll swim right up to you for a close inspection. Although remote, cruise lines have not overlooked Lizard Island. Once there, you'll have your pick of 24 secluded beaches to laze on and snorkel from. Feeling a bit romantic? Pack a lunch for two (some cruise ships will pack them for you) and point yourself toward a secluded beach. Want to commune with nature? There are many magnificent walks to take. Interested in fishing? The Black Marlin Classic sport fishing spectacular is hosted here each October or you have your pick of sport fish to catch: barracuda, yellowfin, or sailfish. How about some SCUBA diving? The Cod Hole, a nearby diving mecca, attracts divers from around the world. No need to feel intimidated by the location's fame - there are dives for you whether you're just beginning or already advanced. Captain Cook found this island to be a refuge and a restorative on his journey in 1770. With beautiful beaches, lots of sun, and activities to please every visitor, you'll come away from Lizard Island feeling the same.

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