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Longyearbyen, the largest community on Svalbard, has a population of about 1100 people and about as many snowmobiles. Located in the Advent fjord at the entrance of the Advent valley, this community has an infrastructure fit for a much larger city. In the center of town you'll find the post office, bank, conference rooms, travel agencies, public library, cafes/restaurants, miners' bath, hospital, laundry, tourist information, supermarket, general stores, and the world's northernmost newspaper, Svalbardposten. There are various forms of lodging, from hostels to modern full-service hotels. Of course, there's nightlife too... During summer, most of the people you meet here will be tourists or young people working to accomodate the visitors. A very friendly and international atmosphere reigns. With fall, the miners and their families come back from the mainland to work in the coal mines through the dark portion of the year. In the summer of 1995, the University Studies at Svalbard (UNIS) opened, so now you can even be a student here. And, of course, Longyearbyen has its own international airport.

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