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Los Testigos Location: 45 miles northeast of Juan Griego in Margarita. The most remote of the Venezuela islands Ā«The WitnessesĀ» are inhabited by a handful of interconnected fishing families who jealously protect the rich bounty of these islands, which are awash in the Orinoco flow and ocean currents. There's a coast guard outpost that you check in with and that's supposed to administer the rules (no spear fishing with scuba gear, and no shark fishing) but the real protection comes from the families who jealously guard the resources from outside encroachment. You have to get in good with the chiefs of the island by bringing them gifts and hiring them as your guides to show you the islands. The Islands are different with huge sand dunes, gorgeous beaches, lots of fish and lobsters. 160 people are living here in this isolated area of the Caribbean. There are no ferries or airport, and therefore visiting these virgin islands can only be done by boat.

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