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Luleå is a city on the coast of northern Sweden with 46,607 inhabitants and is the capital of Norrbotten County. panorama of Luleå

Luleå has the seventh biggest harbor in Sweden for shipping goods. Luleå has a large steel industry and is a center for extensive research. Luleå University of Technology is Sweden’s first technology university and the one located furthest up in the north of Sweden.

The town's Royal charter was granted in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. The original town was situated where Gammelstad (Old Town) is situated today. The town had to be moved in 1649 to the current site, due to the post-glacial rebound that had made the bay too shallow for ships to enter.

In 1805 Luleå only had 947 inhabitants, but in 1865 Luleå succeeded Piteå as the county town in Norrbotten county and now had around 1.4000 residents. In the 1860s the industries also started taking root in the city.

The town has been pleuged by fiers in 1653, 1657 and in 1887, and the fire in 1887 was a devastating fire that destroyed most of the town, sparing only a few buildings. The Neo-Gothic Cathedral (originally the Oscar Fredrik church), dedicated in 1893, standing at 67 meters (220 ft), is the tallest building in town.

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