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Lysebotn is a village of the municipality of Forsand at the end of the Lysefjord in Rogaland county in the southwest of Norway. It's a destination for over 100,000 tourists yearly, and a BASE jumping access point for Kjerag and Preikestolen (the Preacher’s Pulpit), cliff blocks precipitously high above the fjord. The village is visible at bottom center in the image below. Cruises as well as an express boat to here start at Skagenkaien in Stavanger, also from Lauvvik and Forsand, passing beneath Preikestolen.

At Lysebotn, it’s possible to take the nearby road Lysebotnvegen (county road 500, turns of which are visible at lower right in the image), to get access to the other cliff vantage point, Kjerag – but is open only in the summer, when it is ice free and safe. It continues farther on to Sirdal, first going through 27 hairpin turns up the one fjord wall, and is 29 km (18 mi.) long. The road was opened in 1984, and has its highest point 932 m. (3057 ft.) above sea level. At the top of the turns is Øygardstølen that has a parking lot, service building for trips to Kjerag, and food services.

Lyse chapel is also found at Lysebotn. This was built in 1961. Lysebotn at one time had its own school. Lysebotn today has its own campground, bed & breakfast, and tourist cabin. Guided kayak tours and other activity offerings are available during the summer. There are also trailheads near Lysebotn for access to the Lyseheiane back-country, and a huge flume for Lyse Power nearby, that generates hydroelectricity.

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