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The Tupi Indians, amazed by nature, called this place MAÇAYO or MAÇAIOK - that which covers the swamp. Maceió Capital started with an old sugar-mill, around the VIII century, and its development came with the arrival of ships that carried wood from Jaraguá Bay. With the construction of more sugar-mills, Maceió continued exporting sugar, then tobacco, coconut, leather and some spices. Maceió was already the capital of the Province of Alagoas. Nowadays, the magnificence of a time is still present in the architecture of Jaraguá district, with its mansion, harbor and warehouses. Contrasting its historical style with the modern city, Maceió offers great infrastructure for events, congresses, and conventions. Its privileged coastline, blue sea of calm waters, corals, and coconut trees, make of Maceió one of the most impressive capitals in the country.

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