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Nestled between sea and hills, Marseille is an amazing city that moves with the seasons and passions. Founded 2600 years ago, the oldest city in France combines the richness of a unique heritage, an intense cultural life, and an exceptional location.

Sometimes affectionate, sometimes rebellious, she loves to seduce the visitor who seldom resists the charm of 111 different districts, the mild climate and the secrets of its gastronomy.

Although it is France's second largest city, it has remembered and retained values ​​of sharing that have shaped its territory for centuries and is still known as the «Phocaean city» in memory of the ancient Greeks from Asia Minor who founded the city here. ­ It is a port city with a strong identity, and has also kept abreast of the changes throughout time to become an important capital of the Mediterranean Basin open to the world.

­ ­With over 300 days of sunshine per year, the summer starts earlier in Marseille than elsewhere. The mistral, which blows 90 days per year, paints the Marseille sky of purity and unique light that some of the greatest artists ever put down on their canvases.­­

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