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Maupiti, anciently called “Maurua» in Polynesian, is the westernmost high island of the Society archipelago and also the smallest, but is often considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the South Seas. Located at 315km away from Tahiti (only 40 km away from Bora Bora), it is composed of a little green emerauld massif, mount Teurafaatui – sometimes called Nuupure – that reaches 380 meters high (1,250 feet) and barely occupies 13,5 square kilometers. It emerges from a shallow lagoon with transparent waters surrounded by long motus (islets) with beautiful white sand beaches. The only navigable pass of Te Area is squeezed between motu Pareao and motu Tuanai where the airport was built. Like Bora Bora, this high island is slowly entering in its atoll phase, leaving white sandbanks in the middle of the lagoon. Still saved from tourism, you will not find any deluxe resorts there but traditional family pensions. Nor will you find restaurants, discos or bars in Maupiti but only true relaxation, calm and peace like it used to be a few decades ago in most Polynesian islands. Postcard landscapes will finally become reality … you reached paradise!

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