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Mindelo is considered by many capoverdean the real capital of the archipelago. The great names of Cape Verdian music, including Cesaria Evaron, come from the island of Sao Vicente.This charming harbour town is the most lively and cosmopolita centre of Cabo Verde. It was not populated till the XIX century when the harbour was built by english in 1838 as strategical point to keep here cool-deposit for their ships. The town faces a long bay and the buildings stretch to the slopes ot the Mount Cara. There are still some buildings in the old english style, like the ferry ticket office and the siege of the Portuguese Consulate. From the fortress tourists will have a wonderfull panorama of the town. The beach of Sao Pedro is long and spectacular and, in the opinion of professionals, is one of the finest places in the world for speed wind surfing. Bust the most famous beach is «Baia das Gatas»: white sand leading to deep blu water. There are a lot of events taking place on this island every year and visitors cannot forget the famous international music festival, very renowned in Africa and South America and which takes place every August. Artists coming from various Countries create a magic atmosphere playing marvellous music from a stage facing the ocean, accompanied by dancers and a warm audience of tourists and locals. Visit the open market, near the harbour,famous fot its daily fresh fish or the colourful «Mercado Municipal». But the real “movida» of this town is during the night. In Mindelo the night is magic, thousend of lights, people meeting in the main square «praza» and then going from one bar to another, dancing, singing and drinking caipirinha and grog. Music creates an eternal atmosphere.

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