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Molde - the Town of Roses - is facing south on the beautiful fjord Moldefjord. From the top of the viewpoint Varden, you can see the famous Molde Panorama. You can also see Norway's most modern football stadium - Molde Stadium (1998), Molde Harbour and - in the middle of the picture - the town centre with the Market Square, Molde Cathedral, the Town Hall and the Town Hall Square. Here you will find Storgata which translates as Main Street. This is the most important shopping area in Molde in addition to the shopping centre Roseby, which is a short walk outside the town centre. Every year in July, the Jazz Festival is arranged in Molde. Molde Cathedral was consecrated in 1957. This was the third church on the site. The two first churches were destroyed by fire. Two thirds of the town centre was destroyed by German bombing in April 1940 under the hunt for King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav. Parts of the town are thus built in a post-war functional architecture. Molde has for more than a hundred years been known as the Town of Roses on accounts of its rose gardens. The Rose Maiden is located on the Town Hall Square in front on the Town Hall and is looking down to the Market Square and the Jazz Boy. During the 1940 bombing, the King and the Crown Prince sought shelter at Glomstua where the famous picture of the King under the Royal Birch was taken. You can visit the place which is now referred to as the Peace Grove. In the summer there are regular departures from the quay by the Market Square to the beautiful Hjertoya Island (10 minutes) where you can swim, take a sun bath, relax, rent a boat or take a look at the Fishery Museum.

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