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Visitors to Montserrat have the opportunity to enjoy the verdant and attractive landscape of this small (12 miles x 7, and expanding!) island and visit its interesting villages and landmarks. There are varied ways to do so for all ages and types. Choose from a friendly taxi or a rental car for total freedom see (‘Getting Around’) by leisurely sightseeing bus or car. Nature lovers would revel in getting closer to the scenery, often compared with the lushness of Ireland. Not surprisingly, therefore, hiking and simply exploring the dramatic diversification of the landscape firsthand are becoming increasingly popular. The mountainous, volcanic spine of the island offers spectacular vistas, while the slopes and valleys and fertile fields display rich harvests of mango, papaya, coconut and banana. The flora and fauna of Montserrat provides a delightful experience that only an exploration of tropical nature can give. The Montserrat Forest Rangers can help you to organize a variety of exciting hikes to any of the trails in the island.

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