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Cruises to Moorea

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Some 17km (11 miles) from Tahiti, and connected to it by a 45-minute ferry service or seven-minute flight, is an island with a simpler and more rustic lifestyle and yet offering plenty of entertainment for the tourist, including traditional-style nightlife. Dominated by volcanic peaks, it also has dazzling white sand beaches and clear lagoons ideal for swimming, diving and snorkelling. Excursions include a visit to the beautiful Opunohu Valley, an ancient dwelling place, uninhabited for 150 years, with 500 ancient structures including temples or marae, some of which have been restored. Le Belvédère is a lookout spot from where the best view of the island may be had. The nearby island of Tetiaroa, recently opened to the public and accessible only by air, is an important seabird sanctuary.

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