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Mykines is the perfect haven for solitary retreat. The home of thousands upon thousands of migratory seabirds during the summer months, Mykines is considered to be the mysterious Ā«paradise of birdsĀ» that the adventurous seafaring Irish monk, St. Brendan, described in the middle of the sixth century. The foremost resident of Mykines in the summer is the puffin. This intriguing little creature is one of the main attractions for visitors. Its brightly coloured bill and its willingness to remain posed with fish in its beak, makes the puffin the ideal photo opportunity for any budding ornithologist. Yet it is the splendid hiking that makes Mykines the destination of choice for many visitors. Because of the quick changes in the weather, the visitor is advised to seek out Mykines whenever favourable weather is predicted. The trip on the boat can be a bit adventurous if the seas come up suddenly with an impending storm, but the helicopter service is available as a backup. Most people opt for spending several days on Mykines for there is too much to see in just one day. Apart from the excursion to the stone forest in the valley Korkadalur, the towering summit of 560 metre Knúkur awaits the hiker. It is only some three kilometres away from the village, but the climb can be difficult. Less strenuous is the delightful trek out to Mykineshólmur, a small islet on the western side of Mykines. Guided tours can be arranged from the guesthouse. A footbridge connects Mykineshólmur with the island of Mykines over a 35-metre deep gorge. The sea stacks surrounding the lighthouse at the far end of the cape are a sight of striking beauty. The most singular experience on Mykineshólmur, however, is the colony of gannets. These majestic birds have chosen this western outpost of the Faroes for their home, the only one in the islands, and from a long distance you can see the birds sitting on top of the stacks with their young ones.

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