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Land of the sun and the sea. More than 300 days of sun a year, a average temperature of 26 degrees and beautiful beaches inviting to leisure, to a swim in the sea and to the pleasures of life. This is Natal, one of Brazil’s main tourist destinies. Just turning 400 years old, this beautiful city, leaned over on the Atlantic Ocean, keeps an interesting mixture of civilization and nature. White dunes framed by coconut trees, clear waters full of lobsters, typical rafts crossing the sea. A land of peaceful and hospitable people, where living is, above all, a gratifying experience. Located in the Brazilian Northeast, 2.625 km from Rio de Janeiro and 297 km from Recife, Natal is today a modern city. Its almost 700 thousand inhabitants enjoy excellent urban infrastructure. The tourists – more than 500 thousand a year - are welcomed by an international airport, a qualified hotel net, equipment and services facilities that stand out in the region’s tourist panorama. The greatest attraction in Natal is its exuberant nature. Dunes frame beaches full of coconut trees and wrap the most romantic dreams of the visitors. Cliffs, rivers that end in the sea and vibrant mangroves of natural life help make the capital of Rio Grande do Norte one of the main tourist options in Brazil. With you, the Potiguar capital!

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