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Dravuni is located in the northern part of the reef at S 18 48' and E 178 36'. Approximately 125 persons live in the single village on this 200 acre island. Because the reefs provide a major part of their sustenance, the chiefs have guarded them well and wish to see them studied and preserved. Only four of the islands within this reef are inhabited. Both the Great Astrolabe and the North Astrolabe Reefs offer a broad variety of habitats. Lagoon depths range from very shallow to 40 meters, and include rock, sand/sediment and sea grass areas, as well as coral seamounts. Dense coral growth edges the windward sides of the smaller islands within the reef. Rich underwater sea grass beds flourish off the leeward coast of Dravuni and some of the other islands. Transportation to the island is provided by an inter-island ferry, the Bulouniceva, which departs Suva on Wednesday and Sunday, makes a round trip to the Kadavu group with Dravuni as the last stop, and returns on Friday and Tuesday respectively. Work boats may be made available through the MSP, although advanced bookings are necessary. A boat may also be hired from the village, with a boatman. Charges for using the field station facility depend upon the support needed.

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