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Neiafu is a village on the island of Savai'i in Samoa. It is in the Alataua Sisifo electoral district and located at the south west corner of the island. The population of Neiafu Uta is 598 and Neiafu Tai is 313 (2006 Census).

Like many villages in Samoa, Neiafu has two settlements Neiafu Tai (coastal) and Neiafu Uta (inland). The settlement was previously situated by the sea, but with the advent of the modern island road, many families have moved several kilometers inland for convenience. The inland settlement, Neiafu Uta, is relatively recent. The village has close kinship ties to Satupa'itea village.

Notable people from Neiafu are Opeta Palepoi who was a member of the Manu Samoa rugby team

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