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North of Bourgas lies the ancient town of Nessebur, located on a small peninsula in the Black Sea which is connected to the mainland by a long and narrow isthmus. The picturesque town is one of the oldest in Europe, having emerged as a fortified Thracian settlement over 9,000 years ago and having changed hands many times before being captured by the Bulgarians in the 7th century. Nessebur has an old town and a new town, but it is the old quarter that gives the peninsula its character, and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. A popular tourist attraction, it charms visitors with its narrow cobblestone streets, period wooden houses, courtyards, taverns and romantic atmosphere. The old town is famous for its medieval churches, with beautiful facades and well-preserved interiors, which are the remnants of the Slav and Greek Orthodox communities that were part of the peninsula’s history. Nessebur is an architectural and historic monument of Bulgarian culture and is one of the most favoured tourist resorts along the southern coast. It offers a good selection of private accommodation, and the new town has modern facilities as well as larger hotels.

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