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Nosy Mangabe is a small island reserve located in Antongil Bay about 2 km offshore from the town of Maroantsetra in eastern Madagascar. 520ha in size, it is accessible by small boat and is part of the larger Masoala National Park complex. It is a tropical rainforest preserve and sanctuary for the endangered aye-aye. It lies close enough to town for a day trip, although an overnight stay is recommended for seeing the nocturnal aye-aye. The island has a rich history of trading and piracy; on the west side of the island are rock carvings by Dutch sailors from the 16th century. British science fiction writer Douglas Adams visited the island searching for the aye-aye in one of his lesser known books, Last Chance to See. There are no permanent settlements on the island; a campsite with bathroom and kitchen facilities serves as a base camp for biologists, researchers and eco-tourists.

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