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From ancient stone heiau (temples) to 21st-Century high-rises, O'ahu is an island of endless contrasts. Geographically only the third largest of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands, it is nonetheless home to nearly three-quarters of the state's 1.2 million residents 370,000 of whom are concentrated in urban Honolulu, the ultra-modern, south-coast cityscape kama'aina (residents) refer to simply as «Town» O'ahu's political history is as varied as its geological past. It was on this island's southern shore, near present-day Waikiki, that Kamehameha the Great began a decisive battle in his campaign to unite the Hawaiian Islands for the first time, defeating the forces of Kalanikupule then the high chief of Maui and O'ahu in the spring of 1795. It was in Honolulu, also, that a coalition of sugar planters and missionary descendants would overthrow the Hawaiian Monarchy in 1893. After Statehood was declared in 1959, Honolulu became the state capitol. Average temperatures on O'ahu range from 68 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round. Coastal rainfall averages 23 inches per year. O'ahu hosts several major festivals throughout the year, which fully illustrate Hawai'i's famed ethnic diversity: Chinese New Year is celebrated on the lunar new year, usually in late January or early February; the Honolulu Festival, which celebrates Hawai'i's ties with Japan, takes place in March; the week-long We Are Samoa celebration is in May; the King Kamehameha Day Floral Parade takes to the streets in June, and the month-long Aloha Festivals celebration kicks off in September. O'ahu's official flower is the 'ilima The island's official color is yellow

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