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Cruises to Odessa

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Odesa region is located in the far Southwest of Ukraine and borders on Vinnytsya, Kirovohrad, and Mykolayiv regions, as well as on the countries of Moldova and Romania. The region occupies the territory on the Northwest Black Sea coast, from the river Danube delta to the Tiligoulskiy estuary (300 kilometres of coastline), and 200-250 kilometres from the Black Sea to the north. Odesa region is largest in Ukraine: its total area is 33,300 square kilometres (an approximate size of Belgium or the Netherlands) which is about 5.5% of Ukraine's territory. Regional Capital: Odesa, situated on terraced hills overlooking Odesa Bay, an inlet of the Black Sea that forms a natural harbour. The city is among the largest in Ukraine; it serves as the southern gateway of the state. It is an important agricultural, transportation, industrial, scientific, cultural, and resort centre, with a population of 1,050,000.

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