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Palermo, Sicily’s main port, nestles in the middle of a wide bay enclosed, to the north, by the Pellegrino Mount and, to the south, by Capo Zafferano. It lies on the edge of a very fertile plain that was called in the 15th century Conca D’Oro (meaning the golden shell or horn of plenty) on account of its lush citrus plantations, palm trees and olive-groves. At one time it was a favorite haunt of writers, poets and artists, who were enraptured by its eastern atmosphere and beauty. Built and grown over the course of centuries, Palermo conveys a range of diverse cultures and traditions. It suffered heavy damages during the Second World War bombings, its old quarters destroyed and never been completely rebuilt. Also, the construction of large modern crumbling buildings in the suburbs has done nothing to improve the city’s image. Nevertheless, it has preserved much of the priceless heritage handed down by the peoples who populated it. They left indelible traces not only in its artistic patrimony but in its very vital rhythm of life. Palermo becomes particularly lively in July during the Festival of the Patron Saint Rosalie, celebrated with a programme of events lasting five whole days.

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