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Pointe-Noire is a city, situated in southwestern Republic of the Congo, capital of Kouilou Region, on Pointe-Noire Bay (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean). The city is the chief port of the country and also a center for sport fishing. Timber, palm products, rubber, cotton, tobacco, gum, ivory, coffee, cacao, livestock, copper, diamonds, manganese, lead, and zinc are shipped. Industries include fishing, sawmilling, woodworking, palm-oil refining, food processing, and soap manufacturing. The city serves as the seaport for Brazzaville, with which it is linked by railroad. Pointe-Noire is the site of Victor Augagneur College, the J. B. Lamarck Zoo, the Georges Brousseau Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Now included within the city limits is Loango, former port and capital of an African state. Although the area came under French control in 1883, the city was not developed until 1921, nor the port until the 1930s. Pointe-Noire was capital of the Middle Congo from 1950 to 1958.

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