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The industrial hub of the nation, the Klang valley stretches from Port Kelang through to Kelang, Shah Alam, the state capital, Petaling Jaya and on to Bangi. Discovery of tin deposits in the 15th century led to a flood of immigrants looking to become wealthy through mining, and thus creating the town of Kelang on the Kelang River. Initially under the control of the Melaka Sultanate, the Bugis later gained control and, ultimately, infighting between the Bugis, the Chinese and the Malay nobility led to the British taking control of the state from 1874, until independence was declared in 1957. The spectacular Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque, which stands in a 15-hectare site is said to have the world’s tallest minaret and the largest dome, dominating Shah Alam. Other buildings with a blend of Malay and Moorish architecture surrounding the mosque include the Municipal Council Tower, the State Library, the Museum and the Lake Gardens of Shah Alam. There are three golf courses nearby, one a magnificent 27-hole course. Another popular place for leisure activities is the Malaysia Agricultural Park, which is ideal for trekking and camping. The park has a biodome, an animal farm and aviary. Petaling Jaya, which began as a satellite of Kuala Lumpur, is now a dynamic self-contained town with shopping and entertainment complexes, parks and excellent accommodation. A colourful past earns Kelang the reputation of a ‘royal town’. This history can be discovered at the interesting Kelang Museum. Kota Raja Mahdi, a fort built in 1886, is also worth a visit. Port Kelang is one of the country’s major ports. Kuala Selangor has two historic fortresses built on the hills, the larger of which, Bukit Melawati, is the royal mausoleum where the early Bugis rulers are buried. It overlooks Kuala Selangor Nature Park which is home to leaf monkeys and more than 150 species of birds. Tanjung Karang is an area known as the state’s ‘rice bowl’ with sweeping paddy fields. The huge Batu Caves, located 13 kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur, are the best known attraction in the vicinity of the city. Consisting of three main caves and several smaller ones, this is renowned as a place of worship, especially during the Hindu festival Thaipusam. At this time devotees carry the kavadi – a frame decorated with coloured paper, tinsel, flowers and fresh fruit, often hooked into the devotee’s flesh – up the 292 stairs to the caves. About the same distance from Kuala Lumpur in an easterly direction is the National Zoo and Aquarium.

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