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With a completely different landscape from Madeira, the Island of Porto Santo started to be populated in 1420 by Bartolomeu Perestrelo. It is a very precious Island because it is touristicaly undiscovered. It offers beautiful untouched scenery, typical customs and traditions and above all, a nine kilometer golden beach, caressessing a blue and calm sea where many secrets lie for the sports fisherman. Several islets of reasonable size surround the island namely the Ilhéu de Cima, or Ilhéu do Farol, Ilhéu de Baixo, or Ilhéu da Cal, Ilhéu do Ferro, Ilhéu da Fonte da Areia and Ilhéu das Cenouras. Apart from Pico do Facho (516m), there are other mountains, namely Pico do Castelo (438m); Pico da Atalaia also called Pico da Juliana (447m), and Pico da Gandaia (413m). Porto Santo has its own important monuments, some of which date from the time of the first settlers, with many stones which have deep historical meanings, thus adding to the island an environmental touch that witnesses the several periods of its life. Island of Rest Porto Santo´s beach is very well known both by the people of Madeira and foreigners due to the medicinal properties of its golden sand. The importance of this beach in the recovery from various infirmities and the tranquillity enjoyed by the tourists in a calm and relaxing environment contrast with life in other summer resorts. The quality of the sand, the properties of the mineral water and the grapes of the island all contribute to the recovery from specific diseases such as paralysis, varicose, rheumatism, osteomalacia, rachitis, etc. Exceptional climate The climate of Porto Santo is dry and stable, with very llittle variation between seasons, thus swimming is possible throughout the whole year thanks to the mild temperature of the sea. Transportation The island of Porto Santo is served by good air and sea transports. Aircondor assure regular and direct flights to the island. The ferry «Patria» assures a daily line between both Islands, in a rapid and comfortable hour and a half trip. Airport, Porto Santo's airport runway is 3000 meters long.

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