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Portofino is a small seaside town that for some time has become a famous tourist attraction. Portofino is located in a deep inlet at the far south – east of the Portofino promontory. In the south it is protected by a rocky peninsula and in the north – west mountains with lush vegetation surround it. The ancient “Portus Delphini» remembered by Plinio has a very remote origin that is probably tied to its location that made it a secure landing for ships that were traveling along the Ligurian coast. In the 10th century Portofino became property of the San Fruttuoso Abby but in the 12th century it was removed. Portofino was then put under the jurisdiction of Rapallo and the Genoa Republic and from then on their history was tightly linked. The primitive living nucleus arose near the church of San Martino then it expanded around the bay, through the hinterland and along the Via Roma. At the end of the 1800’s to the beginning of the 1900’s tourism began to develop thanks to the Genoese middle class, the construction of villas near the old town center and along the hill slopes. Portifino was and remains a pleasing and extraordinary example of a coastal town that can be admired through its urban structure, homes and its natural relationship with its surrounding environment.

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