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On one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the Province of Salerno, at the centre of the gulf formed by point Germano to the west and cape Sottile to the east, on two mountain slopes, those of Mounts Comune and S. Angelo at Tre Pizzi, stands Positano, in a splendid panoramic position. Its territory preserves traces of very ancient settlement, already evident in the Palaeolithic period, as testified by remains found in the grotto named La Porta, not far from the town, but also Roman remains, such as those of a large villa, visible close to the parish church. According to tradition Positano was founded by inhabitants of nearby Paestum, refugees after a Saracen siege, on the spot where a Benedictine abbey dedicated to St. Vito already stood before the tenth century. Its praises sung by illustrious poets and writers and immortalised by painters from all over the world, nowadays Positano is one of the most interesting places on the Amalfi coast.The centre of the town is enchanting: here in small Flavio Gioia square, among the delightful white or pastel-coloured houses, with their typical cubic shape and the greenery of luxuriant gardens, stands the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its splendid majolica dome. Considered one of the best-equipped and exclusive tourist resorts in Italy, also famed for its flourishing fashion tailors, Positano perfectly combines the beauty of its natural surroundings and numerous beaches, Marina Grande, Ciumicello, La Porta, Arienzo e Fornillo, with the fascination of its ancient fishing port and the charm of its steps and lanes crowded with quaint colourful shops. Right in the centre of Positano, in the small Piazza Flavio Gioia, stands the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta. The building with its large majolica-mosaic dome, contains important works of art, outstanding among which is a Circumcision, a stupendous work by Fabrizio Santafede, from the end of the sixteenth century, and a delightful thirteenth-century Byzantine-style panel depicting the Virgin and Child. According to popular tradition, the origin of the town's name is linked to this very icon: looted by the Saracens, the precious panel was brought back to land following a storm, while from the shore was heard the prodigious cry «posa, posa» (put it here). Having given back the ill-gotten icon, the sea calmed down, so a church was built in honour of the Virgin on that spot and the town grew around it, that took the name of Positano. The bell tower is also very interesting with a medieval bas-relief portraying a sea monster, some fish and a fox, probably to underline the dual nature of the coastal inhabitants' souls, half countrymen and half seamen.

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