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Located on the beautiful North Coast of British Columbia, Prince Rupert (pop.15,000) is a place to visit and enjoy. Situated 920km (550 miles) north of Vancouver and 65km (40 miles) south of southeast Alaska the area is one of the oldest continuously occupied regions of the world with a vast First Nations history. The City was incorporated in March 10, 1910. Born from the vision of Charles Hays, president of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Prince Rupert was chosen as the western terminus of Canada’s second transcontinental railroad . During WWII the city served both Canada and the United States as a strategic military post. An estimated 150,000 Canadian and US troops passed through the city. The Tsimshian Nation is the indigenous First Nations in the Prince Rupert area. The people of the Northwest Coast have developed their own unique artistic style, and you will find many fine works on display in area museums, galleries and shops. As you will see when you visit, First Nations have a proud history on the northwest coast and have retained and reclaimed their living culture.

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