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During the time of the Pisans occupation of Corsica, St. julie's Abbey in Tavaria, situated at the place name Santa juilia was destroyed by the Turk. In the 8th century the Genoese landed on the shores of Valinco. In 1640 the founded Propriano, a hamlet, in the Fozzanos region. In 1794 public records indicate the presence of four houses situated here, but by 1846 the population had grown to some 150 inhabitants. In 1860 the Senat granted Propriano the status of 'commune' with 300 inhabitants and an area of 1200 hectares ;the first mayor was elected on the 19th October of that year. The 'Rock of Scoddu Longo' constitutes a natural shelter. A landing pier, a lighthouse and two jetties were built here (1904-1906). The commercial port, the sole maritime link for the people of Sartène, became very active (with the transport of coal, olive oil and wood). Since this time the village has become a small town with 3500 inhabitants. Throughout the year mixed cargo ships transport passengers and merchandises. In peak season passenger ferries enable visitors from Toulon, Marseille and Nice to disembark directly in Propriano the most southern port of Corsica. Regular rotations also exist between Propriano and Porto Torrès in Sardinia. The bay is very large, Propriano stretches between Belvédère- Campornoro, Olmeto Plage and Porto Pollo. This location is ideal for all those who want to tour around Southern Corsica (Ajaccio and Bonifacio are only 1 hr 1 5mins away by car).Once discovered, few are those who never return to Propriano (and we hope you will be back too !). At each visit you will discover new aspects of, «su paesi ch'è no tinimu tantu caru» (a Corsican saying which means 'our country which we love so much').

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