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Cruises to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

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Puerto Baquerizo Moreno main data and map

Located on the west side of Isabela Island, Punta Moreno means źdark point,╗ taking its name from the very dark, new rocks formed by the lava flow from a fairly recent volcano eruption. Punta Moreno has very interesting new lava flows and pioneer plants, which are directly living on the raw rocks. There are small oases with green lakes, where you can sometime see flamingos, flightless cormorants, penguins, marine iguanas and pelicans.

Schedule for the upcoming cruises to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Day Ship Arrival Depart
October 27, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0012:00
November 10, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0012:00
November 24, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0012:00
December 8, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0012:00
December 22, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0012:00
January 5, 2018Celebrity Xpedition07:0012:00
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