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Cruises to Punta Cormorant

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Punta Cormorant main data and map

Punta Cormorant boasts of a larger lagoon with flamingos and other water birds. A trail leads to a sandy beach where turtles, rays and seabirds can be seen. Off the coast is Devil's Crown, a half submerged volcanic crater. This is a great snorkeling site with starfish, sea urchins and tropical fish in the shallow center and larger fish like sharks and rays around the outside of the rocks.

Schedule for the upcoming cruises to Punta Cormorant

Day Ship Arrival Depart
October 31, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0013:00
November 14, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0013:00
November 28, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0013:00
December 12, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0013:00
December 26, 2017Celebrity Xpedition07:0013:00
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