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In the north of Isabela there is a small promontory known as Punta Vicente Roca, on the southwestern edge of Volcano Ecuador. The point presides over a pair of jewel-like coves. The coves lie on either side of the eroded remains of a volcanic ash cone, which make up the point. The sheltered bay is a popular anchorage for boats and visitors may have a look around in dinghies. The surrounding cliffs are actually the interior walls of a fallen volcano and there is a partly flooded cave. The area is also very good for scuba diving. Its abundant ocean life is the product of cool, nutrient-rich waters up welling off the volcano's steep submarine slopes. On the other side of the point is a secluded cove, accessible from the sea only through water-filled subterranean passages. Sea lions travel through these passageways and gather on the protected beaches of the hidden waters. Large numbers of blue-footed and masked boobies inhabit the point and the sheer cliffs, and flightless cormorants can be seen along the shoreline.

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