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Qaqortoq, sitting at the tip of the peninsula in the south of Greenland, is a clean pleasant harbor town built on the site of Hans Egede's search for the lost colonists. Although only boasting 3500 people, it's considered to be the hub of the south and is worth visiting in summer when the place explodes with wildflowers. The town's pride of possession is the town square fountain - the only one in Greenland - with the names of the town burghers, past and present, in brass letters on the base (although many names have fallen victim to souvenir hunters). Qaqortoq museum is worth a gander - it's one of Greenland's finest - and exhibits artifacts from past and present cultures. Aka HA¸egh's Stone and Man project is sculpture on a massive scale; it uses natural rock formations as base material for myriad abstract shapes and figures. Mostly, though, Qaqortoq is used as a base for hiking treks: either one day hikes up 'Peter's Cairn’ or around the edge of the Tasersuaq Lake, or as a departure point for the three- to four-day treks to the neighboring town of Igaliku. The Hvalsey ruins, sitting on a coastal strip just out of Qaqortoq, are the most extensive and best preserved Norse ruins in Greenland. There is a choice of ferry services on most days of the week, and several daily flights to other settlements along the west coast. It's also possible to trek from some of the neighboring towns. Qaqortoq is 450km (279mi) down the coast from Nuuk, although the distance by foot would be much greater given the heavily fringed coastline.

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