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Quebec the province. Quebec the city. It is easy to get confused. Montreal is a city within Quebec. So is Quebec. It is an older, more tranquil city than Montreal. It is arguable that it is the most attractive of the Canadian cities -I was ever willing to listen to a good argument for Vancouver -and is based on the banks of the St Lawrence River. Quebec has a walled city, Vieux-Quebec, which is listed in the World Heritage. It runs vertically as well as horizontally and is divided into two parts, top and bottom, Haute Ville and Basse Ville. Thus if you enjoy walking you will get a most thorough work out, for although the old city is compact it is full of steep hills that split it into upper and lower sections. The last time I was there I was able to take a cable car from bottom to top but this is closed at the moment and you either clamber up the 200 step staircase -I counted -or take a taxi. Seventeenth and eighteenth century buildings abound along the cobbled streets. Yes, there is a certain amount of tourism restoration here but it is minimal. All in all it is a charming place. And the city is truly compact and nothing, including the Plains of Abraham, is more than a half hour stroll away. It has been said before but it is worth repeating that when you are in Quebec you will feel truly that you are in another country. You get this feeling to a far lesser extent in Montreal which is quite Angliczed Quebec is not. The Quebec Museum of Civilisation has fascinating displays about Quebec society and the cultural distinctions between the province and the rest of Canada. The National Battlefields Park at the Plains of Abraham has an interpretive museum which explains the battle and discusses the subsequent history. The Quebec Museum is more of an art gallery and it focuses on Canadian artists who have most accurately reflected the feeling of the region. «Is there any city in the world that stands so nobly as Quebec?» Rupert Brooke, letters form America, 1913

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