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Cruises to Rabida Jervis Island

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Located just south of Santiago Island, Rabida, also known as Jervis Island, is a small island just over 2 km in width and 400 meters above sea level at its highest point. It is one of the most volcanically varied islands in the Galapagos. This small island geologically consists of eroded hills and lava emitted from spatter cones that have resulted in the island's striking colors. The reddish beach and steep volcanic slopes give this island a distinctive look. Rabida is home to a variety of exotic animals. Marine Iguanas, ancestors of the controversial land iguanas, are a common site on the beaches of Rabida. Noisy Sea Lions are often seen resting in the shade of the caves nearby. The saltwater lagoon of Rabida is the feeding place for Flamingos, Bahama pintail ducks and Common Stilts; and the nesting site for Brown Pelicans. This island may be the only place where visitors have the opportunity to observe brown pelicans nesting up close. When on the island, visitors can take a short trail inland in search of Galapagos wildlife. Finches, doves, yellow warblers and mockingbirds are just a few of bird species one can expect to encounter while exploring Rabida. Vegetation on the island consists mainly of opuntia cactus, palo santo trees and scrubby bushes. Once finished with land exploration, visitors to Rabida can indulge in the beauty of the surrounding waters. The marooned beach offers grand swimming and snorkeling opportunities with an almost guaranteed chance to witness sharks and manta rays in the sparkling waters.

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