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Recife is Brazil's fifth largest city, though it still preserves its tranquility and relaxed life style. From its past, Recife still has a notable array of colonial buildings, an inheritance left by the Portuguese and Dutch. Recife is called The «Venice of Brazil» thanks to its canals and waterways which criss-cross the city and the innumerable bridges over them. Recife is also a land of glorious beaches such as Boa Viagem, Pina and Porto das Galinhas. Olinda, 4 miles from Recife, with centuries-old churches and mansions, is one of Brazil's loveliest colonial vestiges. It was designated by UNESCO as a Historical, Natural and Cultural Patrimony of Mankind. Recife also has an outstanding and vibrant folk culture, where such dances as «frevo», «maracatu» and «xaxado» are very popular, and Olinda is the site of one of Brazil's largest annual street Carnivals. Olinda's Carnival has unique characteristics: The local beats of «frevo» and «maracatu» rhythms predominate, «frevo» groups sway to the music with ardent passion, huge «papier-mache» figures caricature folk heroes and well-known politicians, richly hand-crafted banners flutter in the air.

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